Global detection

Airfreight screening at the highest level

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Canis Global Detection BVDetection dogs for tracing explosives, IED’s and fireworks

Canis Global Detection offers explosive, drug, fireworks and animal/wildlife screening in the Netherlands and abroad. We work with experienced dog-handlers and well-trained dogs to search for a variety of substances that can be dangerous for humans and their environment. Our teams of handlers and dogs can be deployed in various locations like government buildings, concert halls, fairs and countless other (public) areas.

It is amazing to see what tracking dogs are capable of. We are happy to share our knowledge on what tracking dogs and their handles are capable of.


Canis Global Detection offers an IED Awareness Course and a Narcotics Course. Both courses consist of a basic program with a theoretical and a practical part. The level of training depends on the level of knowledge and experience of the participants, what is to be discussed prior to the course.

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Our heroe’s

Herewith we proudly present the heroes of Canis Detection. This enthusiastic and loyal team will ensure that the job is done safely.

Meet our heroe’s

Meet our people

Next to the heroes, we also have a team of well dedicated persons that take care of the heroes.

Erik Groenendijk

Manager, trainer, hondengeleider

Lennart Vlaanderen


Odin van Zomeren


Jaap van Westendorp

General manager