Training dogs to help in tracking down poachers

Wildlife Training dogs to help in tracking down poachers

The poaching of threatened species is showing an increasing pressure on the survival of many animal species. Amongst other reasons, the growing demand from Asia for endangered animal species.

In China and Vietnam the quality of life is rising in an increasing rate. Therefore more and more people can afford products which are considered luxurious. Amongst these products are ivory sculptures and tiger wine. Also many products of endangered species are being sold as souvenirs. Furthermore the strong belief in the healing powers of traditional medicines is causing that many different endangered species to be poached. Unfortunately this has led to a true poaching crisis over the last couple of years.

An estimated 8-17 billion Euro’s in revenue is earned on a yearly basis in the poaching of wild animals. This figure shows that the poaching business is one of high profits and relatively low risks. An ideal business for organized crime.

Canis Global Detection trains dogs that help in tracking down poachers. The dogs are trained in the Netherlands. Once they are deployable they are not only being sent to their working areas, but a trainer is being sent with them in order to train local anti-poaching personnel in working with the dogs. Also a repetitive training is given once a year to see if the dogs and personnel are still on the correct level.

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